Demi Lovato the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA

On Friday night, February 21st, Demi Lovato performed in Atlanta, GA at the Philips Arena. She had two openers, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. The openers were pretty good, but from where my seats were the crowd was not really feeling it. Most of the people around me actually sat in their seats until Demi came on.

Demi started her set with one of the singles off her new album, called Heartbreak. She put on a really good show, but one of the most interesting parts during the show was when she told us to get out our phones and use her Neon Lights app. The app only worked when she performed her newest single, Neon Lights, which was what she performed at the end of her set. The app lit up, flashed and changed colors during her performance.

She is an amazing role model, and her music is very inspirational. I really enjoyed her show and would definitely see her again.



Panic! At the Disco Atlanta show cancelled!

On Friday, February 7th Panic! At the Disco played at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. Fans, included myself, waited 12+ hours in line for the show. Panic! At the Disco had two opening bands, X Ambassador and The Colourist.

I was actually front row for the show, and it was beyond crowed. I was so squished I could not even move. Everyone just kept pushing and pushing trying to get a good spot before Panic! At the Disco came on. The crowd was calm when X Ambassador and The Colourist came on. But when Panic! At the Disco came on we all got excited and got crazy. We sang at the top of our lungs and jumped and jumped like no other. We all jumped so hard the floor cracked. Panic! only got through two songs before the show stopped. Zack Hall, who works for the band as security, got on stage after their second song and told Brendon Urie, the lead vocalist, that the show had to stop because the floor cracked, and if the show keeps going on it will probably collapse. We were all saftely evacuated outside to see what was going on. As we were all waiting outside there was an accouncement from the security guards that the show was cancelled and we would get our refund back for our tickets. A lot of us were upset, but we knew it was for safety purposes. After the announcement we went to the back of the venue where the tour buses were to see if anything was going on. Zack Hall came out and basically made the same announcement the security guards made when were were evacuated.

The tickets for the show are being refunded and hopefully the show will be rescheduled. Brendon Urie posted via Twitter they would see us in the summer. So, maybe that means there are hopes of a summer tour.

Dallon Weekes, the bassist of Panic! At the Disco, also posted via Twitter he is very sorry and is glad everyone is safe.

I also actually found a video on Instagram of a fan who was in the balcony who got a video of all of us who were on the floor, and posted it via my Twitter

New Politics at The Exit In in Nashville, TN

New Politics played a show in Nashville last night at The Exit In with opening bands Sleeper Agent and Magic Man.

I’ve met New Politics in Birmingham, AL at The WorkPlay, and also in Nashville at 12th & Porter when they toured with Twenty One Pilots in 2013.

New Politics put on a great show last night, and I got a chance to meet them again after their show. They actually even said they remembered me.

For more photos of I took of New Politics at The Exit In you can go here